65 Alternatif Kalimat Penutup Email Selain “Regard”

Kegiatan berkirim email tentu merupakan hal lumrah dan biasa dilakukan siapa saja. Meski, terlihat sepele, kalimat penutup dalam email tentunya sangat menunjukkan seberapa pedulinya seseorang saat berhubungan dengan lawan bicaranya.

Acap kali, kalimat penutup email mungkin hanya sekedar ucapan “terima kasih”, “regard”, “best regard”, dan kalimat penutup standar lainnya.

Berikut adalah banyak alternatif kalimat penutup email yang bisa kita variasikan tergantung sikon. Ketimbang terus menerus menggunakan signature standar, mungkin kita bisa mencobanya salah satu berikut;

Jika situasi formal:


  1. Congratulations
  2. Cordially
  3. Faithfully
  4. Goodbye
  5. Looking Forward
  6. Regards
  7. Respectfully
  8. Sending You the Best
  9. Sincerely
  10. Sincerely Yours
  11. Speak With You Soon
  12. Take Care
  13. Warm Regards
  14. Warm Wishes
  15. Warmly
  16. Wishing You a Wonderful Day
  17. Yours
  18. Yours Truly

Jika butuh yang lebih santai dan bersahabat:

  • Cheers
  • Enjoy Your [Day of the Week]
  • Good Luck
  • Happy [Day of the Week]
  • Have a Good One
  • Have a Great Day
  • Here’s to a Great [Day of the Week]
  • Hope This Helps
  • Hope You’re Making It Through [Day of the Week]
  • Make It a Great Day
  • Pleasure Catching Up With You
  • See You Tomorrow
  • Sending Good Vibes
  • Talk Soon
  • Until Next Time
  • You’re the Best
  • Your Friend

Jika ingin menunjukkan apresiasi :

  1. All My Thanks
  2. I Can’t Thank You Enough
  3. I Owe You
  4. Many Thanks
  5. Much Appreciated
  6. Thank You for Everything
  7. Thank You in Advance
  8. Thanks a Million
  9. Thanks for Reading
  10. Thanks for Your Consideration
  11. Thanks for Your Help
  12. Thanks So Much
  13. With Appreciation
  14. With Gratitude
  15. You’re a Lifesaver

Jika ingin menghadirkan nuansa humor:

  1. Anonymously
  2. Bye, Felicia
  3. Congrats on Reading This Whole Email
  4. Don’t Stop Believin’
  5. I Need Coffee
  6. Keep On Keepin’ On
  7. Later Alligator
  8. Live Long and Prosper
  9. Looking Forward (to Friday)
  10. One Step Closer to Friday
  11. Peace Out
  12. So Long, Farewell
  13. Tag, You’re It
  14. The End

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