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Make your ideas spreading


I have had a long experience in the writing industry, starting as a journalist, then working with some brands to build their content based on their respective values and tone of voice. I’ve also used my journalism skills and a little knowledge of brand strategy to help businesses communicate their powerful messages. I’ve enjoyed working with clients from various backgrounds and industries and writing about travel, edtech, lifehack, and the list goes on. In the future, I would be interested in being involved in a SaaS company’s writing projects such as e-commerce, CRM, and productivity. My scopes are content writing, social media copy, blog posts and articles, editorial planning, and my new field of UX writing. 

Humans are creatures who like telling stories and building their lives based on the stories they believe in. Without stories, life feels meaningless. Through stories, humans try to convey emotional experiences, ideas, or insights to other humans. Through stories, humans try to inspire each other. That’s why I have always believed that words have a big influence on people. By putting the combination of story, data, and passion at the heart of a brand, I’ll help your brand create a more meaningful connection and trust with the audience.

If you believe that your brand doesn’t just sell but also feeds the audience’s minds and moves their hearts, view my work below to see how I can help:


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