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UX Writing

UX writing is a new field that I have studied intensively. Unlike writing regular copy for marketing a brand, writing UX copy aims to navigate users of a site or application in completing tasks to achieve their goals. Of course, there are many new, compelling, and challenging things that I have learned in writing copy for user experience.

I’ve learned a lot how essential data, context, and the proper thought process are in producing a copy (microcopy) that is usable, useful, and responsible for digital product’s users. Even though a UX writer only craft simple copy, there is a long thought process that must be gone through in order to be able to understand and bridge the needs of the purpose of a digital product and the needs of its users without them having to experience difficulty or frustration.

Case#1 : Simple Wireframe (How to Book a Pilates Class)


-Create a single task flow 

-Write UX copy

Tools: Figma 

User persona: 

Devi, 33


About Devy: A housewife who has two toddlers and still wants to keep her body maintained, fit, and healthy.

Goals: She wants to have a good and fit body shape

Pain Points: She has limited time to practice or exercise alone.

Task: Take exercise classes and book classes via the application.

As part of the UX writing course at Jay Jay School, I created a simple wire about how to book a pilates class on the app.

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