Why business?

I used to be a journalist for a couple years, had been writing reportage, news, story based on facts, based on people or the well known public figures said. At that time, I have believed that words have big influence to people, society, and even public policy.

But one day, I realized that work in the company of others doesn’t fit me anymore. I need a bigger space to express and grow my thoughts, my ideas, and talents. Then, enterpreneurship became the answer.

In my recent brand project (2017), I’m going to translate my focus about “symbolic interpretive” covers identity, belonging & relationship issues which likely to abstract and delicate terms, into more compelling, simple, and playful illustrated goods.

Therefore, I could get to speak up and deliver my message not only through the article stories on blog or social media, but also on physically products.

I tried to combine my educational background and journalism experiences to create my own business brand with a stronger conceptual thinking and content marketing efforts. Then, we call it as “brand publishing”.

I also have started to collaborate with the designers and vendors who have good ability and knowledge in art, photography, and printmaking techniques as support units.

At last, creative business for me is about what we stand for, fight for hope, communicating stories about people, how we understand and live our life.