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jadwal kelas sb1m di gedung bri sudirman
Kelas kami di lokasi yang baru gedung BRI Sudirman. P.S: AC-nya dingin sodara, jangan lupa bawa jaket 🙂

Why should you join us?


kelas sb1m
Kunjungan Anis Baswedan (masih mendiknas) di kelas SB1M saat masih berlokasi di  resto Bebek Ginyo Tebet


More than 86% of the Indonesian market are now online, there is no better time to start growing your business opportunities through digital marketing channels. Digital marketing helps us making make use of proven strategies and techniques that attract not necessarily more traffic, but highly targeted traffic that delivers results. Targeting the right kind of people that delivers the right kind of results is what digital marketing is all about. Last but not least, digital marketing is all about ensuring survival of your business.

Why  is digital marketing  so important right now? Here’s the 3 reasons to watch 🙂

digital marketing
dok. digitalmarketingphilipines


digital marketing sb1m
dok. digitalmarketingphilipnes


sb1m jakarta


Who is this for?

  • Marketing, sales, or digital team
  • Students who wants to develop e commerce skills
  • Product development team
  • Entrepreneur/Brand owners
  • Any who wants to develop professional blog, based on your expertise or passion
  • Any curious learners keen on learning digital marketing

SB1M community  is crafted to arm you with the right skill sets and tool to start making better internet marketing campaigns.  So, are you ready to join our tribe?

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