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    1. Fadila Fikriani Armadita Avatar

      Perkenalkan saya Fadila Fikriani Armadita, mahasiwa jurusan Kajian Budaya dan Media, Sekolah PascaSarjana UGM, Yogyakarta. Saat ini saya sedang menggarap tesis dengan judul ‘Komodifikasi Khalaayk kanal vlog di Saya melihat, blog ini ikut mengisi kanal tersebut. Saya memohon kesediaan pemilik blog sebagai salah satu responden untuk kepentingan pengumpulan data tesis saya. Atas kesediaan danwaktu luang yang diberikan sebelumnya saya ucapkan terimakasih. Sukses selalu untuk .

    2. Cristina Avatar

      Hi Listyapratiwi Editorial Team,

      Hope you are doing well. This is Cristina, Blogger Outreach Specialist at MagFellow (Blogger outreach agency).

      We have some clients always looking to secure sponsored posts and paid guest posts placements on news and blog sites like ( ).

      I was wondering if this is something you allow?

      If yes, could you please provide us the prices for regular niche placements with do-follow link/s back to client site:

      By filling out this google form below to provide details, we can avoid long conversations, It would be more convenient for both of us if you could fill out the google form below 🙂

      1) Price (article provided by client for publishing) ?
      2) Price (article written & publish by you/your team) ?
      3) Price For Existing Post Link (Curated Link) ?

      4) Price Aside from niche relevant regular posts, please do let us know if you accept iGaming/Betting/Lottery related Links as well? If yes, is the price same?
      (we have many client in this niche as well)

      Please also, share if you own other blogs as well.

      Look forward to working with you.

      Best Regards,
      Cristina Kendall

      Blogger Outreach Specialist at Magfellow

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